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Season 2, Episode 13

#013 - Human Stem Cell Innovator - John Aylworth - FACTORFIVE

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Published February 25th, 2020


In this episode, we meet with John Aylworth of FACTORFIVE Skin Care. John grew up “as Chico local as it gets” with a background rooted in rich local family history. He received a major in business at CSU Chico where he developed a passion for health care.

We learn about FACTORFIVE, hear crazy stories about working surgery in the trauma center, his experience beta testing medical robotics in the field, and about the fascinating advancements of stem cell technology over the last 15 years for medical, and cosmetic health.


FACTORFIVE is committed to providing skincare products that contain only the most beneficial ingredients — starting with the most efficacious topical anti-aging component on the market: human stem cell growth factors.

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