Homelessness in Chico Ca.

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Season 1, Episode 5

#005 - Homelessness in Chico – Billy Aldridge – Chico Police Department - Part 5

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Published September 6th, 2019


Our ongoing coverage of homelessness in Chico California continues with Commander Billy Aldridge of the Chico Police Department. Commander Aldridge gives us an excellent overview of how Chico PD is currently organized around dealing with Quality of Life Crime in the area, some of the constraints that he and his officers face, and more.

The mission of this “Target Team” unit is to impact the street level crime that affects the quality of life in our community. Robbery, burglary, gun and drug offenses, bike and other theft are all examples of the crime this team is tasked with addressing. The team is also focusing on keeping our public spaces safe.

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