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Season 2, Episode 10

#010 - Eva Shepherd-Nicoll - Executive Director, Chico Start

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Published February 3rd, 2020


In this episode we are joined by co-host Jason Colabove, owner of Crush restaurant, to talk with Eva Shepherd-Nicoll – Executive Director, Chico Start.

Eva previously explored interesting careers around the world, including underwater robotics, aviation, software/hardware networking, consumer electronics, and ended up in the Bay Area. 

Eva returned to Butte County from Bay Area two years ago to follow her passions in business development, and contract management. 

Chico Start is an economic planning corporation as well as a startup and technology incubator. Located in the municipal building in downtown Chico, this powerful organization provides coworking space, consultation, and is supporting displaced camp fire survivors. 


Chico Starts vision is To make Chico a community where problem solvers and innovators have what they need to thrive, in order to lead our business ecosystem to explosive success.

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